Choosing Eyeglass Frames that Complement Your Style and Activities

Eyeglass wearers have literally hundreds of choices when selecting eyeglass frames. From classic metal frames to daring animal prints, frames offer a variety of choices to suit your needs. To help you choose the pair of glasses that's right for you, consider these elements when shopping:

Face Shape

  • I have an oval face shape.

Those with oval face shapes can wear just about any style of frame, except geometric shapes.

  • I have a round face.

Look for geometric shapes and avoid round glasses.

  • I have a tapered, heart-shaped face.

Rimless or minimalist styles will flatter your natural face shape. Avoid big, bold styles to ensure your face isn't overpowered.

  • I have a square face.

Choose round or rimless styles and stay away from angular or square frames.

Skin Tone

  • I have darker skin.

Bright, bold or rich hues will flatter your skin tone.

  • My skin tone has a "cool" tint to it (blue or pink undertones).

Look for silver, pewter, pink, blue, violet or black frames.

  • I have a "warm" skin tone with bronze, golden or peach undertones.

You'll look best in warm colors - brown, tortoise, gold, bronze, copper, red or coral.

Eye Color

  • I have blue eyes.

Complement your eyes with a brown contrast, or intensify the blue by selecting sapphire or cobalt frames.

  • I have brown eyes.

To provide a contrast to your eyes, look for lavender or purple shades, or choose chocolate or tortoise frames to make your eyes appear richer in color.

  • I have green eyes.

Plum or violet frames will be provide a contrast, while emerald or jade will make your eye color stand out.

  • I have hazel eyes.

Choose a green-hued frame to play up in the gold in your eyes, or look for a rich brown to add depth.


  • I prefer designer brands.
  • I stay on the cutting-edge of fashion trends.

With your fashion-forward style, you'll find lots to choose from when selecting glasses. Many major designers, including Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, Burberry and Tiffany & Company, also have eyewear lines. You might consider a pair with a designer logo, which range from subtle embossing to bold, crystal-encrusted logos on the temples of the glasses.

  • My eyeglasses are an accessory.
  • I own more than one pair of glasses so I can mix and match with my wardrobe.

Eyeglass frames are available in a wide range of styles and colors to complement any wardrobe. Look for embellishments like rhinestones or plastic animal-print frames to add flair to any outfit.

  • I want a pair of glasses I can wear with just about anything.
  • I prefer more conservative styles.
  • My glasses are more functional than fashionable.

If flexibility and practicality are what you seek, choose a pair of glasses in a classic style in black, tortoise or metal, which will coordinate with just about anything you wear. Classic brands like Brooks Brothers or Anne Klein will likely appeal to your style preferences.

  • I am sporty and outdoorsy.
  • My eyewear should be durable and practical for my active lifestyle.

Look for frames made with titanium or "memory metal," which are designed for more durability. Oakley frames - originally designed for world class athletes - may provide the combination of function and style you seek.

Don't forget - your vision plan offers a discount on additional pairs of eyewear, so there's no need to choose just one pair.